What have we done!
We have spent countless hours gathering some of the best book review bloggers anywhere on the net and then offered them the easiest way to do book reviews and put together great content for their readers.

We have over 200 registered bloggers with a total monthly page view rate of nearly 500,000. Are you part of the fun yet?

What does that mean for you the author?

It means that by making it easy our bloggers will most likely choose to review your book or host a blog tour featuring you and your book if you choose Author Blog Tours to promote your virtual book tour.

How does this all work?

We take all of the information needed for a your book review, written interview or one on one interview and we build an author page for our bloggers that contains all of the information they will need to give their readers great content.

We will work with you to determine the best time period for your blog tour.

We then send an announcement that your book tour is scheduled and give our reviewers access to your author page.

The blogger or reviewer will then access the author page and gleen from it what they feel is best for their review format. Some will simply review the book and post it during the appropriate time period. Others will use the pre answered interview questions for their post. Others may contact you for a one on one interview that they will then post on their blog.

Reviewers almost always place a link to your book on Amazon, B&N or the publishers purchase page. Most authors want them to post the link to their Amazon sales page and they understand that.

What does the author have to do?

As the author or the authors representative you will need to furnish us with the following:

  • A PDF version of the book. Note: All bloggers agree to only use this PDF for their own review purposes. Many reviewers are asking for downloads for the Kindle, Nook, Ipad etc... so if you have that available please provide it as well.

  • A 10-15 question and answer interview unique to you in WORD form. See an example

  • Contact information in case a blogger would like to interview you personally.

  • A photo of you that can be used by bloggers. jpeg is usually best.

  • A cover image that can be used my the authors. jpeg here as well.

  • Amazon.com, B&N.com or publishers link to the books purchase page - You may also provide a link to your own sales page if you wish.

  • Any banners you may have

  • Author biography in WORD form.

  • Book trailer video html or link if available

Then just be available during your tours time frame and have a great time promoting your book.

Reviews get posted on Facebook and Twitter

We also talk up your review on Facebook and Twitter along with a link to the review. This makes our reviewers happy and it gets your book even MORE exposure. The tweets/updates go out to more than 20,000 followers.

Don't worry it's not that expensive

All of these service to help you promote your book are only...

See we told you it wasn't that expensive.

Other sites that we have seen are charging upwards of $399 for similar services.

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